Our Favorite Podcasts for Learning Finance​

Wizest Favorite Financial Podcasts
Swamped by the ever-growing list of new podcasts? How do you know what you’ll get searching “money,” “finance,” or, “investing,” on Spotify? Wizest has surveyed the landscape on your behalf, choosing our six favorite podcasts, each with a particular goal that our investors tend to have in mind.
Best for Daily News: Wall Street Journal’s What’s News
Quick and high-level, WSJ is currently outperforming all the rest with these reliable episodes averaging just fifteen minutes. Great for commuting with both morning and evening editions.
Best for Personal Finance: So Money
Don’t want to read the same personal finance gurus as mom and dad? Look no further. Farnoosh Torabi is bringing a much needed, diverse, and female-led facelift to a space long dominated by figures like Dave Ramsey. Practical financial advice on buying a house, buying versus leasing a new car, and special interviews dedicated to women’s and minority issues.
Best for Young Professionals: Millennial Investing – The Investor’s Podcast Network
Deep dive episodes into all the new ideas which differentiate the next generation of investing from the last one. Expert interviews on topics like cryptocurrency, investing psychology, student loans, and much more.
Best for Fintech and Startups: Breaking Banks with Brett King
More than ever, technology is mediating the way that we interact with our finances. New banking, trading, and finance apps are emerging daily. (Wizest included!) This podcast will keep you primed on everything tech and trending.
Best for Growing Expertise: We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network
This outlet landed on our list for a second time with a shockingly entertaining show that began like a book club: the two co-hosts reading about some of the most successful investors and entrepreneurs of all-time, then summarizing the lessons learned. Today, We Study Billionaires regularly features some of the titans that their hosts initially profiled.
Best for In-Depth Analysis: Bloomberg Masters in Business
Know your way around plenty of financial jargon? (If not, check out our primer.) Bloomberg Masters in Business offers competing perspectives on investing, often with timely analysis, from the movers and shakers behind today’s markets. If you’re advancing as a student of finance or are already an expert with Wizest, this show shares focused commentary from your peers.
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