Investing for Beginners: Value Investing 101

What is Value Investing?

Value Investing is one of the most commonly utilized strategies for those approaching the stock market for the first time. In a nutshell, Value Investing is picking stocks you feel are priced below their “real” value. For example, a brand you think is a market leader is trading at a low value, maybe because of bad PR, but you think it’ll rebound and regain its value in time, so you buy and hold. 

Value Investing is a time-tested investment strategy used by some of the most successful investors of all time. It’s an engaging way to invest and keeps you tuned into market news and development. But it takes dedication to find companies that are trading for less than their intrinsic value and invest in them, and even more time holding onto them for the long-term or until their value jumps.

Value Investing for Beginners
Value Investing

How Does Value Investing Work?

Value Investing revolves around the principle that the stock market is not always rational or efficient, tends to overreact to news, and is that companies are often undervalued or overvalued. Value investors seek companies with strong fundamentals, like a solid balance sheet, consistent earnings growth, and a competitive advantage in their market. They then analyze the company’s financial statements, management team, industry trends, and other qualitative and quantitative factors to determine its intrinsic value, independent of how other investors value it.

Margin of Saftey

One of the key principles of Value Investing is the margin of safety. This means an investor should only invest in a company if the evidence suggests the stock is undervalued, providing a buffer against any potential downside risk. The margin of safety is a way to protect your investment by ensuring that you are not overpaying for a stock.

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Investing for Long-Term Growth

Investing for Long-Term Growth

Another important principle of Value Investing is the long-term approach. Instead of trying to time the market or make quick profits, value investors are focused on the long-term growth of their investments. This means not getting caught up in short-term market fluctuations or hype but instead focusing on the company’s underlying fundamentals.

Value Investing has a proven track record of success. Some of the most successful investors of all time, such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Charlie Munger, have all used value investing principles to achieve long-term growth and success.

Picking Value Stocks

While Value investing requires a great deal of patience and discipline, it can be a rewarding strategy for investors willing to put in the time and effort to research and analyze potential investments. By focusing on companies with strong fundamentals and a margin of safety, value investors can build a well-diversified portfolio of high-quality stocks that have the potential to deliver strong returns over the long term.

Value Investing is a proven strategy that has helped many investors achieve long-term growth and success. While it requires patience and discipline, the principles of value investing are timeless and can help investors navigate the ups and downs of the stock market.

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Wizest for Value Investors

You Can Be a Value Investor!

Of course, not everyone has time to analyze the market and look for undervalued companies. Value Investing may not even be the right approach for your investment style, particularly if you like to take a more short-term approach to investing.

With Wizest, we created an investing solution that offers a variety of options for new investors. Wizest gives users access to a team of carefully vetted financial experts offering a variety of investment strategies. There’s something for every kind of investor, or you can start by utilizing multiple Experts and multiple strategies, revising your team as often as you like.

Our mission is to democratize the stock market and remove some of the barriers to entry that discourage people from making their money work for them. We understand the stock market can be intimidating and overwhelming and that most people’s lives are too busy for market analysis.

Wizest lets you pick people instead of stocks. You can build your team of financial experts by browsing their Expert Profiles and Portfolios like you would on a social media platform. Building your team takes just minutes, replicating the portfolios of Experts with one click after you check out their profiles. It’s like fantasy football for investing!

We’re making the stock market approachable for new investors, diversification easier for veteran investors, and adding some fun to the financial journey. Our simple subscription model makes it affordable for everyone (the cost of 1 coffee a week), no matter the size of your account, with no hidden fees.

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