Investing Made Simple

Introducing an innovative and simple way to begin investing with confidence. With just a few clicks, you can follow and replicate expert portfolios and benefit from their knowledge and expertise. Wizest was designed for everyone, including those new to investing and those wanting to diversify their investments.

Wizest offers a special launch promotion, including a 30-day free trial and a 50% discount on your next month.



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Follow and replicate expert portfolios

We make it easy for first-time investors to get started. Follow the experts you’d like and replicate their portfolio so you can benefit from their expertise.

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Low Cost Investing

Our pricing is intended to be simple and transparent. A simple monthly subscription with no commissions or hidden fees. 

Invest with confidence

Diversify your portfolio with a few simple clicks. You can customize your portfolios according to your goals and risk tolerance

How much does Wizest cost?

Our goal is to make investing accessible for everyone.  This is why we offer a simple monthly subscription 


Copy 1 expert portfolio
$ 10
  • Follow Experts
  • Replicate 1 Portfolio
  • Weekly Expert Update


Copy unlimited number of expert portfolios
$ 20
  • Unlimited Follow Experts
  • Unlimited replication
  • Weekly Expert Update
Best Value

Special Launch Offer

We are offering a special promotional launch, including a 30-day free trial and a 50% discount for the next month. With this promotion, you get to experience all the features of our app and get started on your investment journey.  We aim to make investing accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or budget.

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Investing Made Simple

Don’t wait any longer to begin reaching your full potential. With Wizest’s Portfolio Replication service, you can start making smart investments and reaching newfound financial stability today!

Empower yourself and make the most out of your money with this incredible technology – get started today by downloading the Wizest app or visiting our website for more information about how to get involved.