Democratizing the Stock Market

Our clients are looking for a wide array of investment options. There’s room for many advisors and strategies. You’ll be compensated beyond just risk and return; Wizest rewards advisors that make our clients happy.

Wizest Advisor


You are in the driver’s seat. By picking Experts you relate to, your portfolio reflects your personality, whether that’s renewables, tech, or minority-owned companies.


Earn extra income as you grow your following.


Your news feed will include updates from your experts explain their strategies and describe their trades so you understand the process.


Is there anything more fun than making money? Yes, watching your portfolio grow as you learn to invest with confidence

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We believe Wizest can transform financial advising for both investors and financial professionals. Your follower”s portfolio’s will be updated as you make adjustments to your portfolio.

Connecting investors with advisors

Are you an expert?

Three big benefits for financial experts: zero overhead costs, a national clientele base, additional income. Need we say more?